7 Minimalistic Condo Design Ideas

July 30, 2019
Table of Contents

In the recent years, condo living became not only popular but also a very efficient way to get through a metropolitan type of lifestyle. This is mainly due to a condo’s accessibility to various educational establishments and/or business or corporate districts. Living in a relatively smaller space like a condo enables its dwellers to be near whenever they need and want to be, however, living in smaller spaces with barely or without much outdoor floor area can be very challenging in terms of decorating and organizing. The most popular idea is that living in a condo limits one’s choices when it comes to furnishing their cozy spaces.

However, what most people don’t see is that even cozy condo spaces can have as much personality as would a bigger space. As a matter of fact, having a cozier space can be a great opportunity to unleash one’s creativity when it comes to home design.

Here are a couple of minimalistic condo design ideas for you to use on your cozy condo space:

  1. Classic Elegance

This particular type of design mainly focuses on neutral bold colors of beige, gray, and even dark brown for accent. This is a timeless type of home design that will surely make your guests go “wow” when they enter your cozy abode. Despite its title, Classic Elegance need not to be expensive at all, all you need is attention to detail, which means you’ll have to look out for classic finds in yard sales or wherever you can pick out design pieces for your home. Make sure to add in lights and fixtures to illuminate your cozy space and make it appear larger, also choose furniture that are glassy and well-polished.

  1. Bold and Retro

Bold and Retro may sound very overwhelming, in fact, most people would shy away from this because it seems too extra or too big of a move to do in such as small space. However, going for both bold and retro isn’t as complicated as it sounds. You can start with picking basic vintage wood colors such as earthy green, maroon, brown, even dirty white then accentuate it with pops of disco colors such as orange and red. Sounds easy so far? Good. Get this, get creative with vintage clutter. Use old books, records, old catalogs, or go crazy on a disco light! You can use these items as décor if you want to avoid heavier or bigger types of decoration pieces. In terms of furniture, an earth colored couch, a tea set, or a woody dining table would pull everything together. You’d be surprised at how good it would look in a small space, without sacrificing too much floor area.

  1. Clean and Green

Canada is beautifully lined with trees and mountains, and there’s no reason for you to incorporate it into your cozy space. City living does not always provide you with the greenery your eyes need, and your soul craves but improvising your own garden and making use of your wide windows might just help appease these longings. Allow natural light to enter your home, use light curtains and line up your home garden; you’d be surprised at how much spacious your cozy space may appear to be.

  1. Coffee and Natural Light

Speaking of natural light, now that you have let the sunshine in add in more details. Make a coffee or tea space; get a polished wooden table or an earth-tone couch, then accentuate with colors that would soothe not only your eyes but also your sense such as brown, orange, beige, retro pink, and don’t forget lots of greens. Your space would be so inviting, one might not resist not to relax and have a cup of joe.

  1. Classy Glassy

Most condo development these days make use of large glass windows to give a rather cozier place more natural light, in turn, making it seem larger than it actually is. Take advantage of this. Let the moon and sunlight in, use light curtains but also don’t forget to invest on high quality window blinds for when the sunlight gets too harsh or too bright. Remember: Glass is class.

  1. Timeless White

Simple as it may look, white is a timeless color. Although a lot of people shy away from this shade because of the connotation that it will get dirty easily, white is still on loop to this day. As a matter of fact, over the past few years it has dominated condo home design. White automatically gives off a fresh and clean appearance and ambiance to any cozy condo space. It is very cool in the eyes and can even release heat compared to darker colored walls. Don’t be afraid to paint your walls white, embrace it and you’ll be surprised at how versatile it is in terms of decorating.

  1. Professional

Most condo dwellers are busy professionals and students who are most probably far too busy to work on their cozy condo space. For most condo dwellers, their units are just meant for bathing and sleeping, perhaps having the occasional breakfast in the morning, but most often than not, it is barely lived in. Which is why it should be designed in a way that it is easy to maintain. Go for bold looks combined with black, white and browns, then position your furniture and appliances in a way that they are easy to access when you get up in the morning, when your take a shower and get dressed. This will make your condo-living more streamlined and relaxing, as compared to a highly cluttered space.

There are a few things that every condo dweller in Canada must always keep in mind in designing and decorating their units: maximum use of space, practical planning, and most importantly self-expression. Home design and decorating is a form of art and should not run short of your personality to amplify its character and purpose. It is of utmost importance, also, that you maintain organization throughout the home so that you won’t be wasting money and time in the long run. Small and cozy as it may be, it can still be the place you can call a home.