A Guide to Investing in Toronto Downtown Pre-construction Condos

November 24, 2023
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In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), condo precons, also known as “pre-construction” or “precon condos,” constitute a significant segment of the real estate market. These are properties sold before actual construction begins, and they come in two main types: Low-rise (detached or townhomes) and High-rise (condominiums), with the latter comprising 70% to 80% of the market.


The Toronto Downtown Condo Precon Market

The precon market in Toronto experienced fluctuations, especially in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the market for detached homes and townhouses flourished, condo precons faced a period of stagnant prices. However, The precon market has undergone significant changes, especially in the third quarter of 2022, showcasing an 80% decrease in sales compared to the previous year. This drop, the most substantial since the 2009 financial crisis, is attributed to various factors.

Environmental Factors

  • Global Challenges: Ongoing global challenges, including geopolitical tensions, the high interest rate, and concerns about inflation, have contributed to a challenging market environment.

Developer-Related Issues

  • Delayed Openings: A notable factor is the delay in opening nearly 10,000 new condo units, as reported. This delay in project launches has led to a sharp decline in condo presale volumes.

Despite these challenges, the Toronto condo market remains dynamic, with developers and investors adapting to the evolving landscape.


Advantages of Toronto Downtown Condo Precon

Why invest in condo precons in downtown Toronto? Here are some key factors:

  • Affordability: Condo precons offer relatively affordable prices, making them attractive to first-time buyers and investors in the current housing market.
  • Prime Locations: Pre-construction projects in downtown Toronto are typically located in areas with convenient transportation and bustling surroundings, providing significant lifestyle advantages.
  • Modern Lifestyle: These projects offer advanced facilities and a convenient lifestyle, attracting many young first-time buyers seeking modern living experiences.
  • Investment Security: Purchasing a condo precon means moving into a brand-new property, often with warranty plans that provide additional security for buyers.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Presale deposits are usually paid in multiple instalments, with some developers offering flexible payment plans, reducing the financial pressure on buyers and investors.


What Shall We Consider When Investing In Downtown Condos?

  • Buyer Profile: Downtown Toronto condos are increasingly popular among young professionals, international students, and immigrants seeking a convenient and vibrant urban lifestyle.
  • Investment Appeal: Investors are drawn to downtown condos due to the robust demand driven by employment trends, making them a favourable option for stable returns.
  • Budget-Conscious Choices: Developers cater to cost-conscious buyers and investors by emphasizing smaller, more affordable condo units, aligning with market demands.
  • Reliability in Ownership: Condos with high owner occupancy are favoured by both buyers and investors, providing a sense of stability and community.


Basics and Risks of Condo Presale Investments

  • Deposit Payment Plans: Unlike pre-constructions in some other countries, Toronto condo precons often involve paying the deposit in multiple stages, aiding in financial planning.
  • Market Risks: There are market risks associated with pre-construction condo investments, including potential delays in the construction timeline and price fluctuations.
  • Uncertain Delivery Dates: The actual delivery of pre-construction condos may be delayed due to the complexities of the construction process, and buyers need to understand this uncertainty.
  • Project Abandonment Risks: Some precon projects may face issues leading to abandonment, emphasizing the importance of cautious project selection.
  • Before investing in condo precons, thorough market research is essential. Buyers and investors should consult experienced real estate agents to understand the specifics of each project, minimizing potential risks. While investing in condo precons can be an exciting decision, knowing the market and understanding risks are crucial for ensuring success.