Great Interior Desginers for Condos

July 30, 2019
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Condos across Canada is popping up like mushrooms. As a matter of fact, 1 in 8 households in Canada resides in a condominium which is normally located in bigger metropolitan areas, further increasing the accessibility, population, and the economy of the country.

There may be hundreds of condo development across the country by now, and although most condos are already designed to fit each one of their clientele’s lifestyle needs in terms of being situated in a highly accessible area. Still it is a blank space, a box or a canvass that may be too cold if not too bland to call a home, on top of it, it can be intricate enough to decorate due to its space or area restrictions.

But what these condo units may lack in terms of aesthetics and character, great Canadian interior designers can surely fill without fail. Like condos, there are also dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of interior designers out there that can help transform your bland space into a homier and cozier dwelling.

However, finding a reliable, creative, and most importantly knowledgeable designer can be really tricky. On top of that, hiring an interior designer alone can get really expensive due to the fact that they mostly work on their own, and tagging along sub-contractors which will surely blow up the costs. In this article, we have listed down a few interior design companies that may just fit your needs and your budget to make your empty box space a homier place to live.

LUX Interior Design Inc.

Whether you have recently purchased a condo unit, or you just want to update or upgrade your current living spaces with a fresh design, LUX Interior Design Inc. has got you covered. They have a specific plan exclusively for condos which they call The Condo Quickie. The Condo Quickie is probably the best solution to crafting your dream condo space.

Their Condo Quickie package actually includes but is not limited to maximizing of small floor areas, floor plan creating as well as furniture placement illustrations. Paint colour and/or wall accents, and wallpaper placements and samples, window treatments which includes design and options, comprehensive furniture sourcing, purchasing, and even coordination upon delivery.

On top of all that, they also provide their clients an interior design presentation which will illustrate exactly the design vision complete with photos, samples and finishing sources. Plus, this plan also comes with an on-site meeting with their top designer to not only determine your style, but also make your goals and dreams come to life.

LUX is very much transparent in terms of fees, as a matter of fact you can get all those for just $1999, however, travel fees of their staff may apply depending on your location.

Lavish Design Build

Unlike LUX, Lavish Design Build does not offer a highly specific condo plan but instead they offer their clients a full-service construction, interior design and staging firm that is conveniently situated in the Greater Toronto Area. Lavish Design Build mainly focuses on building and designing highly sustainable but luxurious spaces, including condos with a relatively smaller floor area.

They did not specify exactly what type of plans or packages they offer, but it can be guaranteed that they work as a team and is in fact made of leaders from design, project management, engineering, and architecture. They work together in a highly streamlined process to not only create and construct beautiful designs but also give their clientele the best experience and products they can provide them with.

Lavish Design Build focuses on not only quality, excellent service and communication, but also great innovation. These are the core of their business and is mainly the reason behind their great success. To the team of Lavish Design Build, client relationship is of high importance. Knowing their client well will allow them to create each project they take on to be uniquely tailored to their client’s best interests and needs, to which they apply a highly streamlined process that surely gives the best results.

The Lavish Design Build team is not only successful, but they are one of the best teams in the entire industry. This is due, not only because of their highly admirable work ethics, but also with their technique of combining the precision of science with creative and great vision that is not only innovative but also sustainable. They ensure that the projects they deliver to their clients is not only of high quality but also smartly organized, maximizing limited spaces for the best outcome.

Camden Lane Interiors

Camden Lane Interiors is a well-renowned Toronto based residential interior design company. Their design services promise to bring you a stress-free project process down to the very first consultation through the final, big reveal of your home. They mainly focus on space planning to make sure that every square inch your small space will be maximized. This is made possible through their innovative processes and custom products to make sure that your home gets the fine details and luxurious finishes it needs.

Whether you are moving into a new condo space in Toronto, or just want to give your existing condo space a fresher and better look, Camden Lane, similar to LUX, has a specific set of packages for condos. What sets Camden Lane Interiors apart from LUX is that it offers several condo design packages that will surely fit within your budget as well as your requirements.

Their Deluxe-Full Interior Design package would start from $3000 plus travel fees for the staff upon consultation. This package includes full interior decorating, colour consultation, remodeling of kitchen and bath spaces, new finishes, plumbing & lighting fixtures, custom cabinetry design (if needed), 3D rendings, as well as furniture, accessory, and space styling.

What sets Camden Lane Interiors apart is that their clients would personally work directly with their lead interior designer, the well-renowned Toronto interior designer Lucy Morozko. Working along with her on a condo project means creating a collaborative experience packed with creativity and functionality that would best suit one’s lifestyle.