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High-Rise vs. Low-Rise Apartments: What’s better for you?

When looking for your next place to live, finding a type of property that suits your lifestyle preferences is integral to your happiness – whether you’re planning to live there for a short period of time or for the long-term.

Consider who you are: Are you a single young professional or a pair of young professionals? Does direct access to the centre of the city mean something to you or do you prefer living away from it? And of course, take into consideration if you’re planning on raising a family any time soon or if you are already raising one and what’s best for your budget.

Here are some pros and cons for renting a high-rise or a low-rise apartment.

Pros of High Rises

  • They are mostly located in the centre of the city – this could improve the commute to your workplace.
  • It is easier to find variety and vacancies
  • There are more leasing options
  • Many include a variety of amenities in the apartments (like furniture and appliances) and in the building like laundry, pools, small grocery stores and convenience stores that are sometimes located within the building itself
  • They almost always have a working elevator
  • They often include live-in supervisors, doormen and even security agents (depending on the building) to ensure all your needs are met

Cons of High Rises

  • High-rise apartments tend to be busier since they accommodate a larger amount of people
  • They involve more social interaction – and this can deter renters who like more privacy
  • High-rise apartments tend to be more expensive and sometimes finding the right price margin can be difficult
  • It can take longer to get down to the street to your car or public transportation
  • Private outdoor space is limited or sometimes nonexistent

Pros of Low-Rise Apartments

  • Cheaper to rent and price is often negotiable
  • Tend to be quieter since low-rises are located in quieter residential areas
  • They are offer more options for privacy (there’s a spectrum to choose from)
  • They are closer to the street – this makes it easier to access a car and public transportation

Cons of Low-Rise Apartments

  • They are often farther from downtown areas – which could mean a longer commute
  • There are fewer units available – depending on the area they can be harder to come by as they are in demand
  • Most units come without extra appliances or furniture
  • Phone, internet, utilities etc. have to be set up by the tenant
  • Offer less amenities by the ways of pools, and fitness centres however some low-rises have laundry and gardens
  • Supervisors and property managers rarely live in the building – if they do, they aren’t always easy to get a hold of
  • Parking is often not included and is an added expense

With this in mind, you can make the right decision for your needs and desires.

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