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Lakeview Village Condos

By Greenpark Group, Branthaven Homes
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1300 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Est. Completion: TBA

Lakeview Village is a bold new plan to completely reimagine Mississauga’s waterfront area. A new master-planned community developed by Greenpark Group and Branthaven Homes and the Lakeview Partners Limited, Lakeview Village will space 177 acres of Mississauga’s waterfront property, completely reinvigorating what was once a coal-burning industrial area, and turning into a pioneer in the movement to create green, sustainable communities. 

The project began almost 15 years ago when the Ontario Liberal Government shut down the coal plant on-site to limit pollution. Since then, the Lakeview Community Partners Ltd group has been formed to purchase the land and develop it into a stunning new community along the shores of Lake Ontario.

With between 5,000 and 7,000 new homes split between townhouses, as well as mid-rise condominiums, Lakeview Village will become a destination into itself – a place where people live, work, and play. And thanks to the 26-hectare conservation area at the centre of the project, residents and workers alike will have unprecedented access to nature right out their front steps, continuing the new trend of mixing high-density, high-efficiency facilities with flourishing natural features. All the green spaces in the area will be connected through the Waterway Common, which will itself connect by a charming boardwalk to the other parks in the nearby like Lakefront Promenade Park, Douglas Kennedy Park and Lakeview Park.


Lakeview Village Highlights:

  • Access to two existing GO transit stations—Port Credit and Long Branch
  • minutes from HWY 403
  • Many convenient commercials nearby


Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Lakeview Village

Lakeview Village will run along the southern border of Mississauga along the shores of Lake Ontario. While Mississauga itself is large and varied, Lakeview will be a more insular community that will strive to develop self-sustainability and create a community within the larger City of Mississauga. 

The development will be divided into seven districts, each serving slightly different purposes. In the centre, Lakeview Square will act as a community hub, with areas for shopping, restaurants and entertainment. The square will even feature a man-made pond where visitors can participate in paddle sports. Serson Innovation Corridor will be employment district with 825,000 square feet of office and education spaces. Innovation Point will be the name of the park that runs along the waterfront itself, complete with a 60 metre pier into Lake Ontario. The Park will be a hotspot for community events, open-air music and public art spaces. 

Ogden Village meanwhile, will be the primary residential area, and will be primarily townhouses and mid-rise condominiums, while down the block, The Marina will be the home of taller, high-rise condominium homes. 

Along the width of the park, Waterway Common will cut through the development and feature green spaces, recreational areas, and act as a waterway through the development. In the winter, the waterway will act as a skating rink. 

Finally, Lakeshore Gateway will act as a distinctive entry-way into the community. Streets lined with mixed-use buildings will act as a connection to the larger Mississauga, and act as an inviting district with lots of amenities like a grocery store, pharmacy, bank and others.

Lakeview Village is looking to be a self-sustaining community. Just about anything you could ever need or want will be somewhere within the neighbourhood. Thanks to it’s 7-sector design, each area will have a focus, whether it’s the recreation of Waterway Common or Innovation Point, the suburban feel of Ogden Village, or the chic tower lifestyle of The Marina, residents will have plenty of green spaces and walkable streets and sidewalks for recreation. Innovation Corridor will bring jobs and educational facilities to the area, and Lakeview Square and Lakeshore Gateway will be epicentres for shopping and errands for residents, workers, and visitors alike.

Within Ogden Village, the rows of townhouses and mid-rise condos will feature many of the amenities buyers have come to expect in GTA homes. Underground and/or outdoor parking lots are expected, with room for residents and visitors. Townhomes will likely feature customizable elements for early buyers, allowing residents to make themselves more at home before they even move in! 

As for the high-rise condos, details are currently unreleased, but more details are expected soon. Keep an eye on MyCondoPro for more soon, like floor plans, and building amenity lists. 

The village itself being master-planned will allow for intriguing opportunities to blend architecture with nature, and for the entire town to be designed with the right feel. The entrance to Lakeway Village – Lakeshore Gateway – will be designed as a building of ‘world class architectural standard’ to give the impression of awe and an intentional aesthetic to visitors.

And that’s not all, each high-rise and mixed use building will be designed will be strikingly different from the last. The idea is to create a varied, organic-looking set of towers, “sculpting unique building forms to juxtapose massing and punctuate a diverse skyline”.

Overall, the village is expected to be the home to 17,000 people among 8,000 units built throughout. It’s expected to be a job creator as well, with 3500-4500 total long-term jobs across 700,000-825,000 square feet of office and corporate space, plus 100,00-130,000 square feet for retail. 

Now, if that staggering amount of future retail and office space isn’t enough, just a short drive away, Dixie Outlet Mall and Square One Shopping Mall – one of the country’s largest malls are available for shopping, and other amenities. 

This development will have easy access to two separate GO stations, Port Credit and Long Branch. Since neither is within walking distance, MiWay will be working with the city to increase infrastructure in the area to properly accommodate this new influx of riders. It should be fairly simple to commute both throughout Mississauga, as well as into Toronto itself.

As part of the development’s strives to remain self-sustaining, efforts will be made to make commutes for residents of Lakeview Village simple, low-carbon, and to provide enough options that residents won’t even need to own a car. One of the ways this will be done is by connecting Waterfront Trail so that cyclists will be able to connect to Lakeshore Rd through the village. 

Travel to and from the airport is simple, with the new UP Train line, which runs from the airport directly into the downtown core of Toronto with a final stop at Union station. Other train lines include the GO Transit commuter rail, with three lines – Lakeshore West, Kitchener, and Milton. Mississaugans who work in Toronto have plenty of options with some lines providing all-day service.

Connections to these lines, and to countless other destinations within Mississauga are easy thanks to MiWay, the Mississauga Transit company. With more that 90 routes across the city, some of which connect to neighbouring communities like Oakville and Brampton.

Highway 403 is just minutes away, which connects to the QEW, 409, and the 427, and provides excellent east-west travel throughout the GTA – perfect for commuters. 

Greenpark has been in operation for over 50 years. Founded in 1967 by Carlo Baldassarra, an italian immigrant, they are a diverse firm with experience in townhomes, single-family homes and also high-rise developments. With over 55,000 homes in the GTA, Greenpark has been known for their excellence in both design and construction.

Carlo has spent his life focused on family and community engagement, and has been known to contribute directly to his community. One such contribution was hosting the Touched with Hope Gala, at which Mr. Baldassara donated $1 million to the Markham Stouffville Hospital. Carlo hopes to encourage family traditions and sound business ethics as they expand under the collaboration with his sons Mauro, Armando and Michael. 

Another collaborator, Branthaven Homes, also has a long history of development in the GTA and Southern Ontario. Having developed homes across Mississauga, Kitchener, Hamilton, Burlington, and Grimsby, Branthaven has established a presence all over the region. 

Founded 45 years ago as a small family business, today, they are a thriving home developer committed to providing modern homes at the highest standard. 

Mostly building open-concept homes, Branthaven Homes is known for cutting-edge designs that maximize functionality, large spacious bathrooms, and well-designed kitchens. In addition, Branthaven Homes is known for quality craftsmanship, with a wide array of fine finishes and fixtures. 

Having won many accolades over the years, Branthaven Homes is one to watch as they expand into the master-planned community of Lakeview Village and continue to build their portfolio beyond. 

It’s rare to see a project this bold, something that redefines the skyline of a city, and great swathes of it’s shoreline into one master-planned community. As Mississauga continues to grow, developments are expected to increase in value as land like this old coal-burning industrial park are completely reimagined.

The average selling price at present of pre-construction condominiums in the city is $379K – a good number for families looking to set down roots, and for homeowners looking to invest. Prices per square foot continue to rise as demand increases, with the average sitting currently at $632. There are few better places to set down roots than in new master-planned communities like Lakeview Village.

Demand for condos in the area is high, with developers looking to build up rather than out – and dozens of new projects have been started within the past several years. This kind of design ethic is becoming more and more attractive, especially near the waterfronts of Lake Ontario. Beautiful views are timeless, and for smaller communities nestled along the Golden Horsehoe, properties with patios and suite views of that shimmering lake are in high demand. 

With that in mind, Lakeview Village seems like a good place for investors to look into. A wide array of living units, townhomes, mid-rise condos and even high-rises will define a great line of Mississauga’s waterfront in the coming years, and properties are expected to sell quickly.

Lakeview Village Condos Property Details

  • UNITS: 7000-8000units

Lakeview Village

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