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392 Main Street West Condos

By: Lamb Development Corp

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392 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON, Canada



9 Storeys | 171 Suites

392 Main Street West Condos is a new pre-construction condo development by Lamb Development Corp. Coming soon to 392 Main Street West in Hamilton.

392 Main Street West Condos is an upcoming contemporary mid-rise condominium development situated in Hamilton. This pre-construction project is conveniently positioned at 392 Main Street West, within the Strathcona neighborhood. McMaster University can be reached with ease, whether by a 35-minute walk, a 5-minute drive, or a 10-minute bus ride, as it is located just west along Highway 8.

392 Main Street West Condos offers an excellent investment potential in one of the historically most affordable areas in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and they are also conveniently located near a wealth of city amenities.


Highlights at 392 Main Street West Condos

Nestled in the vibrant Strathcona neighborhood, 392 Main Street West Condos offer a prime real estate opportunity in Hamilton, Ontario. This mixed residential and commercial area boasts a strategic location along Main Street (Highway 8), providing easy access to a host of attractions and amenities. Here’s why this development stands out:

  • The Strathcona neighborhood, home to 392 Main Street West Condos, is a mixed residential and commercial area, conveniently located along Main Street (Highway 8)
  • Proximity to McMaster University
  • The City of Hamilton and Ontario are investing in a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system that will run in front of these condos, enhancing connectivity and future prospects
  • Convenient amenities are available along Highway 8, with easy access to Highway 403 for GTA travel
  • Nearby attractions include Victoria Park, the Hamilton GO Centre, Downtown Hamilton, and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Centre


Reason to Invest In 392 Main Street West Condos

  1. Proximity to McMaster University: The development’s strategic location near McMaster University makes it an attractive option for student housing. With a consistent demand for student accommodation and a shortage of on-campus options, investing in these condos can provide a reliable rental income stream.
  2. Future-Proof Connectivity: The ongoing investment in a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system right in front of the condos not only enhances connectivity but also contributes to the area’s long-term growth potential. This infrastructure development can positively impact property values and attract more residents and businesses to the neighborhood.
  3. Convenient Amenities and Attractions: The location along Highway 8 ensures convenient access to a range of amenities, including shops, diners, and services. Additionally, the proximity to Highway 403 facilitates easy travel across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With nearby attractions like Victoria Park, the Hamilton GO Centre, Downtown Hamilton, and healthcare facilities, residents and tenants can enjoy a diverse array of activities and services.


About the Developer: Lamb Development Corp

In 2001, Lamb Development Corp. (LDC) was established by Brad J. Lamb, a prominent condominium broker in Toronto. His goal was to actively engage in the creation of chic and urban condominium projects. With more than 13 years of experience in consulting, marketing, and successfully selling over 100 of Toronto’s most innovative and captivating developments, Mr. Lamb aimed to introduce a fresh perspective to the development industry. Over the years, he has achieved just that, having completed 19 projects comprising approximately 3,400 suites, with a total value exceeding $1.3 billion.

Presently, Lamb Development Corp. is in the midst of constructing three additional projects, which will encompass nearly 800 suites valued at $360 million. Furthermore, the company is actively involved in the development of an additional 15 projects across Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary, and Edmonton, collectively valued at $2.4 billion.

Property Details

  • Developer: Lamb Development Corp
  • Architect: A&Architects
  • Building Type: Condominium
  • Ownership: Condominium
  • Building Status: Pre-construction
  • Selling Status: Planning
  • Storeys: 9
  • Suites: 171