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Muskoka Forest

By: Batavia Homes

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Town of, 200 Earls Road, Huntsville, ON

Coming Soon: From The Upper $600's

Single Family Home

VIP Launch: 2023

Muskoka Forest is a new single family home and condo development by Batavia Homes. Coming soon to 200 Earls Road in Huntsville.

Muskoka Forest embodies a tranquil community where residences seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. Nestled at its core is a park, graced with organic trails, ensconced by well-established trees and bordering a picturesque golf course. The housing options in this forward-thinking family-oriented enclave include thoughtfully designed single-story bungalows and two-story residences, with numerous properties enjoying scenic views of lush green spaces. This visionary development includes single-family homes and the promise of future multi-family condominiums.


Highlights at Muskoka Forest

Reside in the captivating Muskoka Forest, an exhilarating community created by Batavia Homes, situated in the vibrant town of Huntsville. Discover inspiration and engage in a dynamic, bustling lifestyle. Here, you're seamlessly connected while remaining distanced from the pressures of expansive suburbs. Devote your days to riverside patio relaxation, exploration of the nearby Algonquin and Arrowhead Parks, or invigorating runs along the neighboring trails. Rekindle your relationship with community and nature, and embrace a renewed lease on life.

Convenient and Accessible

Muskoka Forest is a community that offers both convenience and easy accessibility. It serves as an ideal location for those who wish to live, work, and play, with the added flexibility of telecommuting. The town itself is the perfect choice for anyone in search of a tranquil escape from urban sprawl while still enjoying modern amenities. Additionally, an affordable transit system is available here. Residents can enjoy excellent connectivity and strategic positioning, as Huntsville provides straightforward highway access to key transportation routes. Recognized as the central hub of Muskoka, Huntsville has earned the prestigious title of "The Best Place to Live in Ontario."

Enchanting Small Town Allure

When you take a leisurely walk along Main Street, you'll be welcomed by a delightful assortment of one-of-a-kind boutiques and shops. Explore the diverse selection of clothing stores with a distinct Muskoka flair, or lose yourself in the charm of the antique bookshop. Engage in friendly conversations with the coffee baristas, and relish the open-air freshness of the local farm markets. Embark on exciting outdoor adventures as you explore the region's natural wonders. Huntsville boasts excellent healthcare facilities, medical services, and a strong sense of community, in addition to an inclusive educational system and a variety of large retailers. Every facet of this unique town exudes its own special charm and distinctive character.

Enriched Cultural Community

Beyond its breathtaking natural surroundings, Huntsville is renowned for its thriving arts and culture scene. This town plays host to numerous art galleries and museums, fostering a dynamic environment for music and theater enthusiasts. Throughout the year, you can partake in a diverse array of annual festivals and events, such as the celebrated Huntsville Winter and Group of Seven Festivals, along with the beloved Huntsville Fall Fair.

Epicurean or Relaxed Atmosphere

Huntsville presents a multifaceted culinary landscape replete with a myriad of restaurants, pubs, and inviting patios. It's a bona fide haven for food enthusiasts. Whether you're craving an exquisite gourmet dining experience, seeking to savor a local brew, or simply hankering for the finest barbecue, life within the Muskoka Forest community offers an exceptional gastronomic journey.


Reason to Invest In Muskoka Forest

  1. Scenic Location and Lifestyle: Muskoka Forest is situated in the picturesque and tranquil town of Huntsville, known for its natural beauty, vibrant cultural scene, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Investing in this community provides access to a lifestyle that combines the charm of small-town living with the convenience of modern amenities.
  2. Strong Real Estate Market: The real estate market in Huntsville has been robust, making it an attractive destination for investors. Property values have shown steady growth over the years, and the demand for homes in this area remains consistent. This stability can be a favorable factor for long-term real estate investments.
  3. Tourism and Rental Potential: Huntsville is a popular tourist destination, particularly during the summer and fall seasons. Many visitors seek vacation rentals and temporary housing, creating opportunities for rental income. Owning property in Muskoka Forest can be an excellent investment for those interested in renting out their homes to vacationers, providing a potential additional income stream.


About the Developer: Batavia Homes

Drawing upon a four-decade history, Batavia Homes stands as a bastion of experience in the realms of new home construction and community development. Their establishment is firmly rooted in principles of integrity and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their unwavering focus has consistently revolved around crafting exceptional neighborhoods in idyllic locations, where families can embrace the promise of the future and savor a life of well-being.

Property Details

  • Developer: Batavia Homes
  • Building Type: Single Family Home
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Building Status: Pre-construction
  • Selling Status: Coming Soon
  • Launch: 2023

Pricing & Fees

  • Price: The Upper $600's