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Terra Homes

By: Great Gulf Homes

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Mapleview Drive East & Yonge Street, Barrie, ON, Canada

Platinum Access: From $980,990 - $1,233,990

Single Family Home

1,805 - 3,145 Sq Ft

Completed in 2024

Terra Homes is a new pre-construction detached home project by Great Gulf Homes. Coming soon to Burnhamthorpe Road West & Sixth Line in Barrie.


A Land Big Enough to Fill All Your Home

32' & 38' Detached homes

Discover a world where the perfect blend of small-town allure meets the vibrancy of urban life. Welcome to Barrie, a unique haven offering an exceptional living experience.

Situated in the heart of South Barrie, at the prime crossroads of Mapleview Drive and Yonge Street, this meticulously crafted master-planned community presents a harmonious balance of scenic streets and exquisite 32' and 38' single-family homes. Just a stone's throw from the Barrie South GO Station, it promises both convenience and charm, embodying the essence of an ideal lifestyle.


Highlights at Terra Homes in Barrie

TERRA is not just a residence; it's a community pulsating with life and warmth. It offers spaces to engage in playful activities, to roam unbounded, and to foster a sense of togetherness. Here, the emphasis on outdoor living cultivates a lifestyle rich in adventure, learning, and a deep appreciation for community bonds. The journey of creating these unforgettable experiences starts within an impressive 5-acre community park at TERRA.

Family at the Heart

In this haven, there's a liberating sense of freedom, a comforting ease that's unrivaled. Imagine a setting that seems lifted from a storybook, where each day ushers in new discoveries and adventures. Here, community isn't just a concept; it's a celebration of shared experiences, a collective pursuit of a better life, and a deep appreciation for the stunning landscape you can call home.

Harmony with Nature

At TERRA, the aspiration was to forge a contemporary community in harmony with its natural environment. This vision has been realized through meticulously designed homes that not only complement the surroundings but also enrich the lives of the residents. It's a place where modernity meets nature, creating a unique living experience.

Spaces That Inspire Life

Here, every moment counts — be it family time, playtime, dinner time, or even the routine chores and bedtime. TERRA offers beautifully crafted spaces where everyday life transforms into quality time well spent. Step into homes with contemporary interiors designed to foster a natural rhythm to modern living. The blend of designer details with carefully chosen features and finishes brings an impressive style, while the emphasis on comfort and convenience caters to the realities of everyday life.


Reason to Invest In Terra Homes

  1. Unmatched Lifestyle Quality: Investing in Terra Homes offers more than just a residence; it's a gateway to a lifestyle marked by balance and harmony. With a focus on community and nature, residents enjoy a quality of life that blends modern comforts with the tranquility of natural surroundings. The thoughtfully designed homes and amenities ensure that daily life is not just lived but cherished.
  2. Sustainable and Future-Proof Living: Terra Homes are crafted with sustainability in mind, offering a future-proof investment. These homes are designed to be environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon footprint while enhancing living standards. The integration of green spaces and eco-conscious design principles means investing in a home that's not only good for you but also good for the planet.
  3. Prime Location and Appreciating Value: Situated in a desirable location that balances natural beauty with easy access to urban conveniences, Terra Homes represent a smart financial investment. The area's popularity and growth potential suggest a steady appreciation in property values, making it a wise choice for long-term financial planning and security.


About the Developer: Great Gulf Homes

Great Gulf Residential, a pivotal division of the Great Gulf Group of Companies, initiated its remarkable trajectory with a singular lot in Cambridge. Now, it stands as a multifaceted empire, actively involved in a diverse range of sectors. These include commercial and mixed-use development, residential construction, construction management, software development, engineered panel manufacturing, architecture, and hospitality, with a presence spanning 18 cities across North America. Throughout this journey of significant achievements, our fundamental commitment has steadfastly remained: to craft spaces that enliven and enhance the essence of full, spirited living.

Property Details

  • Developer: Great Gulf Homes
  • Building Type: Single Family Home
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Building Status: Pre-construction
  • Selling Status: Platinum Access
  • Suite Size: 1,805 - 3,145

Pricing & Fees

  • Price: $980,990 - $1,233,990
  • Lawyer: GG (9 Mile) Limited

Deposit Structure

• $25,000 with offer
• $25,000 in 60 days
• $25,000 in 120 days
• $25,000 in 180 days
• $25,000 in 210 days
$125,000 Total Deposit

• $26,000 with offer
• $26,000 in 60 days
• $26,000 in 120 days
• $26,000 in 180 days
• $26,000 in 210 days
$130,000 Total Deposit

38' DETACHED HOMES - The Manitou
• $20,000 with offer
• $20,000 in 60 days
• $20,000 in 120 days
• $20,000 in 180 days
• $25,000 in 210 days
$105,000 Total Deposit

Current Incentives

Limited Time Only!

  • $5,000 Decor Credit OR Ski Package

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