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Prior to opening of a new condo sales office to the public, prices may increase up to $30,000.

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What is Platinum Access?

Platinum Access refers to the special relationship you have with a condo builder when you work with brokers like the MyCondoPro team. When a new condo is being developed, a majority of the units need to be sold before the builder receives construction financing from the banks. This is an important threshold to meet for the builder and so there's great incentive to meet this requirement as soon as possible. To make this goal seamlessly, builders rely on Platinum Agents (like the MyCondoPro team) to help sell units months, sometimes even years before the public opening. Most developers rely on the Platinum VIP Market, and so buyers with Platinum Access often end up with tonnes of access to pre-construction insight. Not just floor plans, but detailed specifications, first picks on some of the best views and units, sneak peeks into the customization options, and most importantly, the lowest possible prices. Platinum access is broken into stages that coincide with the development of the condo, and it's eventual grand public opening.

1. The earliest stage is the "Friends and Family Sales Event", which is a very, very early point in the sale of the development. Usually if you have access this early, it's due to a strong relationship with the developer itself.

2. The second stage is what we call "Platinum Brokers". Usually about ten or so agents, Platinum Brokers are known for having vast knowledge in the industry, are experienced in pre-construction market, have insight in the direction the market, developments, and various neighbourhoods are headed. Platinum Brokers have the earliest access, and the best prices. Platinum Brokers are also able to offer bonus incentives during this early phase. Things like the aforementioned Platinum early access and pricing, as well as developer approved incentives and promotions, an extended deposit structure, free assignment clause, and better caps on development charges and levies. This stage is so early, a development often won't even have a sales centre. Platinum Brokers fill the gap and provide these early buyers with reports directly from the developer, comparisons to other developments in the area and insights into appreciations and much more!

3. The next stage, things begin to open up. Often, what's called a "VIP Agents Sales Event" will occur. At this point, many more agents are involved. Prices are beginning to rise as the units sell and can be up to $10,000 above earlier prices. At this point, many developer-approved incentives are no longer available, and most of the best units have been sold.

4. The fourth stage, or "All Agents" phase, is more focused on the resale market. At this point, almost 50% of the units have been sold, prices are rising, and choices are getting fewer.

5. Once at least 50% of the units are sold, we enter the final phase, the "Registration Phase" which is when the development is finally opened to the public. At this point we often see a "Grand Public Opening", in which potential buyers are welcomed to a sales centre with models, renders and mockups. Prices for units at this point are much higher than during the Platinum Brokers phase, and all the best units have been sold.

MyCondoPro is a highly respected team with excellent relationships with Toronto Developers. We have guaranteed early access and can offer Platinum Access on a great number of the most exciting new developments in Toronto and the rest of the GTA. Sign up with us to be kept in the loop as new developments are entering those first privileged stages all the time!

If you buy a pre-construction condo with us and intend to sell it after final closing, we guarantee that you will make a profit. Otherwise, we won't charge any commission to sell it!

All properties bought from us will be eligible for 1 year free rental services, some terms and conditions may apply. Ask us to learn more!

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