What is the VMC (Vaughan Metropolitan Centre) And Why It’s So Exciting

August 27, 2021
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Top down view of Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is an emerging new vibrant downtown in the heart of the city. SmartVMC will be the central economic, innovation, and cultural center of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

It’s located at the intersection of Highway 7 and Millway Avenue, west of Jane St.

At the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, both commuters and residents can live a modern city lifestyle. The vision includes impressive office towers, condominiums with an amenity-rich urban feel.

No other destination in the GTA is providing this combination of fast and slow transport services. Equal access to downtown Toronto and the suburbs, Class A office space, and urban life. The VMC features a walkable city core with pedestrian and cycling paths. Offers easy access to open green space, urban squares, shopping areas, and restaurants.

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is located between the expanding business districts of Downtown Toronto and the GTA suburbs. And offers unparalleled access via subway stations, rapid bus transit and highways.

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is attracting big businesses because it delivers an unrivaled combination of urban living with an amazing transportation infrastructure that no other location in the GTA can match. A goal set for 2030 is 12,000 housing units, 1.5 millions square feet of office space.

VMC Overview

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station design is developed in response to existing site constraints, available undeveloped land, and an emerging idea for a new city centre. The station will be a multimodal transportation hub with a passenger pickup and drop-off, connections with York Region Transit buses Terminal and Viva buses operating along Highway 7. The most distinctive feature of the station is the domed main entrance building with a Zinc – topped roof. The metal roof would be constructed as a cool roof with high solar reflectance and contains skylights allowing daylight to enter the concourse.

VMC Lifestyle

Overview of the VMC Central Park

In the heart of the community is a 9-acre park designed by world-renowned landscape architect Claude Cormier. The park will be designed with the natural environment in mind and how we interact with it, with curved paths throughout, which will create walkable, connected landscapes. This will be the backdrop for community celebrations and a friendly gathering place year-round.

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre was designed to be transit, pedestrian and bike-friendly.

The new downtown neighborhoods feature condo towers and townhomes surrounded by beautiful green spaces, providing a balanced lifestyle for professionals who enjoy nearby access to public transit as well as a more urban lifestyle. With many things to do in Vaughan, you’ll never be bored.

Currently, it’s on track to meet or exceed targets of 12,000 residential units, 1.5 million square feet of office space, and 750,000 square feet of new retail space by 2031.

Paul Raff Studio

a view of the Atmospheric lens inside the subway stationa view of the Atmospheric lens inside the subway station

The “Atmospheric Lens” was designed by Paul Raff Studio, a public art piece integrated into the domed ceiling of the entrance building. It’s a collaboration between artist and architect.

Made with 16,000SF of reflective panels, the surface of the dome will typically have diffusion with some panels having a more reflective surface to provide visual depth, optical riches, and subtle shift of reflected light with movement.

A fourth element is an illuminated disc mounted on top of the elevator shaft so that it is not visible directly but can occasionally reflect on the surfaces.

What kind of Activities will you find at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre?

The PwC-YMCA Tower is directly connected to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre subway station and will provide unparalleled access to the latest recreation and entertainment options.

It will include a YMCA with a large pool, fitness area, gym, conditioning room, youth zone, fitness studios and community rooms. Plus not-for-profit child care.

The building will be home to a new Vaughan Public Library branch, performing arts studios, and a community kitchen.

Residential Living

Residential living at VMC offers high-rise condominium towers together which create the impressive new Vaughan city center skyline. The selection of suites is geared to broad audiences including first-time buyers, young families, and retirees. Vaughan Metropolitan Centre additionally features contemporary townhomes with two-storey floor plans, spacious open concept and private rooftop terraces. These elegant new condos show impressive structural design with a light-inducing interior and are home to numerous building amenities.

South VMC

South VMC is the first project of Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and is planned to have 10,000 new condominiums and townhome residences. This new community is designed from the ground up with comfortability and luxury in mind with nearby amenities and easy access to public transportation systems.

Festival by Menkes and QuadReal

Festival is being called the entertainment capital of downtown Vaughan. The construction estimate is currently on completion in 2024.

Mobilio by Menkes and QuadReal

Mobilio by Menkes and QuadReal will have a mix of Midrise towers and two-bedroom and three-bedroom townhouses, including some with rooftop terraces. This neighborhood, which will be the first blend of mid and low-rise housing in Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, will include park space and amenities. It will contain over 1,000 units when completed.

Artwalk condos

Artwalk condos is a new pre-construction condo being developed by SmartCentres REIT. Artwalk condo features sleek curves to illustrate its tall and innovative stature. The condominium will have a spacious central courtyard so the residents can be inspired by nature and the community.

Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

Front view of Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

Just north of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is Canada’s first smart hospital, which will feature fully integrated “smart” technology systems and medical devices.


For those who travel by car, Highway 400 and 407 ETR border the VMC, while Highway 7 runs through the middle.

There will be two paid parking lots available northeast of Millway Avenue/Applemill Road and south of New Park Place. Commuter lots are also available at the Highway 407 and Pioneer Village subway stations.

The VMC is a quick 5-minute subway ride to York University Station and a 45-minute ride to Union Station.

The Takeaway

The VMC is a new, emerging downtown financial, innovation, and cultural hub. The community reflects an inspiring architectural design with natural elements. This includes various public parks, gardens, cafes, restaurants.

With easy commute options for those who live in the VMC including access to the subway station, Highway 400 and 407 ETR.

Exciting new developments such as Festival and Mobilio, and new condos such as Artwalk condos. There is also Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital which features fully integrated “smart” technology systems and medical devices.

The VMC is not only a great place to live, but it’s also an amazing community for everyone.

And that’s why the VMC or Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is an exciting new project in the heart of downtown Vaughan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vaughan have a downtown?

Yes! The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is Vaughan’s downtown.

Does the TTC go to Vaughan?

The TTC goes all the way to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Is there free parking at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre?

There is currently no free parking at the VMC.

How much is parking at Vaughan Metropolitan?

There are two paid parking lots at the VMC.

$5 before 8 a.m.
$12 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
$5 after 4:30 p.m.
$5 a day on weekends

Where is VMC?

The VMC is located at the intersection of Highway 7 and Millway Avenue, west of Jane Street.

Can you park overnight at Vaughan subway?

At the time of writing this blog, you can park overnight at VMC.

Where is the City of Vaughan?

The city of Vaughan is approximately 25 minutes north of Downtown Toronto.

Does the subway go to Vaughan Mills Mall?

The subway does not go directly to Vaughan Mills Mall but you can take the bus from the VMC.