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Gerrard-Carlaw North

By: Choice Properties REIT

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469 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada


Gerrard-Carlaw North is a new pre-construction mixed-use transit-oriented community by Choice Properties REIT. Coming soon to 469 Carlaw Avenue in East Toronto.

Highlights at Gerrard-Carlaw North

This mixed-use transit-oriented community (TOC) anchored by the future Gerrard Station on the Ontario Line. The 2.27-hectare site is located on the northeast corner of Gerrard Avenue and Carlaw Avenue.

Furthermore, the programme encourages collaboration among all parties involved including the province, builders, municipalities, and the local community, in order to deliver new, modern subways and TOCs at a lower cost to taxpayers.

  • Include a mix of residential units, transit connections, retail space, as well as parkland
  • Increase public access to improved parkland and greenspace
  • Improve transit access and connectivity, optimize street connections
  • Improve mobility through a new street connecting Carlaw Avenue and Pape Avenue
  • New retail and housing units.
  • More housing, jobs, retail, and public amenities near and around transit stations
  • Approximately 225 new jobs at the heart of a future major transit station
  • Providing convenient connections to thousands of commuters
  • Approximately 7,810 square metres of tightly knit public space, including access to retail, a grocery store, as well as amenities space, to improve the quality of life for Riverdale residents.
  • Toronto Green Standards' sustainability objectives such as lowering the window-to-wall ratio for energy efficiency, use of geothermal systems to repurpose energy from cooling to heating on a seasonal basis, as well as green roofs and permeable surfaces for onsite stormwater management.

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Gerrard-Carlaw North


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