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Goodyear Village

By: Karmina Developments

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45 Raynes Avenue, Bowmanville, ON, Canada


Condo and Towns

Goodyear Village is a new pre-construction condo and townhome project by Karmina Developments. Coming soon to 45 Raynes Avenue in Bowmanville.


Highlights at Goodyear Village in Bowmanville

Goodyear Village represents an innovative mixed-use development project that bridges Bowmanville's rich history with its bright future, crafting a meticulously planned community that takes full advantage of its proximity to Downtown and the upcoming Go Station. This vibrant new neighborhood will offer a variety of housing options and retail spaces, fostering vibrant gathering spots for people to come together and revel in their shared spaces.

  • Conveniently located for shopping and dining
  • 2 GO Transit Stations
  • Major highways (401,407, 35 and 115)
  • 6 mins to Bowmanville Marina
  • 8 mins to Bowmanville Golf and Country Club
  • 23 mins to Durham College

Reason to Invest In Goodyear Village

  1. Strategic Location and Accessibility: Goodyear Village is strategically positioned at 45 Raynes Avenue in Bowmanville, offering unparalleled access to local amenities and transportation options. Its proximity to downtown Bowmanville, two GO Transit stations, and major highways such as the 401, 407, 35, and 115, makes it an ideal location for commuters and those seeking convenience and connectivity. Additionally, being just minutes away from the Bowmanville Marina and the Bowmanville Golf and Country Club adds recreational value, enhancing the lifestyle of its residents.
  2. Diverse Housing Options and Community Features: This pre-construction condo and townhome project is designed to cater to a wide range of preferences and needs, offering diverse tenure options and thoughtfully designed retail spaces. The development's focus on creating vibrant gathering spots encourages a strong sense of community and provides places for people to connect and enjoy communal activities, enriching the living experience for all residents.
  3. Reputable Developer with a Commitment to Quality: Karmina Developments, the force behind Goodyear Village, is renowned for its commitment to excellence in construction and community design. With a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of listening to buyers from the design stages and a track record of creating carefully crafted communities, Karmina Developments ensures that Goodyear Village will be a place where generations of families will make their homes. Their dedication to transforming houses into homes from the moment you walk in the door promises a living environment that is not just built, but thoughtfully designed to foster lasting memories.


About the Developer: Karmina Developments

Karmina Developments, rooted in North America, prides itself on being a premier land developer and builder, dedicated to setting the standard in construction and community layout.

The philosophy at Karmina centers on the conviction that a house transforms into a home the instant one steps through its doorway. This guiding principle drives them to closely engage with their clients from the very beginning of the design process, ensuring the creation of thoughtfully designed neighborhoods destined to become the backdrop for countless family memories for generations.

Property Details

  • Developer: Karmina Developments
  • Building Type: Condo and Towns
  • Ownership: Condominium
  • Building Status: Pre-construction
  • Selling Status: Planning

Goodyear Village
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